XVII Kopernikańskie Seminarium Doktoranckie

Wykład inauguracyjny

dr hab. Krzysztof Gęsicki, prof. UMK

Uniwersytet Mikołaja Kopernika w Toruniu

Instytut Astronomii

"The Sun: what we know and what we don’t know"


Krzysztof Gęsicki studied Physics at UMK, obtained PhD in astronomy at CAMK PAN, and since 1992 is working in the Institute of Astronomy of UMK where he obtained the habilitation degree. Currently he is prof. UMK and the Director of astronomy studies. His main scientific interests are related with the late stages of stellar lifetimes and focused at the so called Planetary Nebula phase. He specialises in the detailed analysis of the spectral lines formed in expanding circumstellar shells.


The techniques through which we can study the solar interior will be reviewed. This will concern the hydrostatic numerical modelling, the helioseismology, the underground measurements of neutrinos and the laboratory (yes!) experiments. The agreements and disagreements between various solar models will be presented and the persisting issue of the solar chemical composition will be discussed.

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